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Ping Hai  -Merry Summer-


Azur Lane

¥13,300 - (Before Tax)

Sculptor : TERE

Painter : Emi Hoshina

Photo : Vaistar Studio

【Series】                  Azur Lane

【Product Name】      PING HAI  -Merry Summer-

【Release Date】        2020 / 7

【Reservation period】 2019 / 11/15

                  ~2020 / 2/10


【Price】                ¥13,300 (Before Tax) (Normal edition)

                     ¥9,000 (Before Tax) (Tokyo Figure limited edition)


【Category】              Non Scale


【Height】            Approximately 190mm  (including pedestal)

【Specifications】      ABS&PVC complete product 

                     * Bath towel is removable. Acrylic plate base is included.

【Sculptor】            Tere

【Paintwork】          Emi Hoshina

【Photo】                VaistarStudio


【Released by】        MIMEYOI inc.

【Distributed by】    Tokyo Figure Co., Ltd.

【affiliated company】CREAM Co., Ltd.

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